5 ways to unplug from your cellphone

Cell phones are a blessing and a curse. There’s a reason blackberry early on earned the nickname “crackberry”. I have…

Cell phones are a blessing and a curse. There’s a reason blackberry early on earned the nickname “crackberry”. I have lately been experiment and cataloging ways that I can live a less connected life while still being engaged online and offline. Here’s a few tips if you are looking for ways to unplug a bit from your electronic companion.

Buy a camera

When you are at a family event, out in nature or enjoying a nice meal you often want to document it with photos. The problem with using your smartphone is that there are so many distractions. Notifications, feeds, tempting unread message counts all vie for our attention and threaten to pull is away from being present the minute we pull out our phone to ale a picture. What’s to be done? Buy a camera. Not only will you find yourself able to take a photo quickly and return to being present, your photos will be better too.

Charge your phone when you get home

This is a habit I am still working on. When you get home put your phone in its charger and walk away. Not only will you be more present and get more done at home, you’ll also have a fully charged phone when you actually need it.

Turn off notifications

This one can be uncomfortable. I know I always struggle with the thought, “but what if the next notification is really important.” The fact of the matter is though that it’s almost always not. Notifications from most apps do not improve your quality of life at all. They’re just a stupid way that app makers use to vie for our attention. The great thing about this tip is that you can do it in stages. I just went through my phone and turned off notifications on 21 apps. I’ll probably go back through again In a couple weeks and cull some more.

Subscribe to what you want

Have you ever found yourself browsing YouTube and watching 30, 40 or 50 minutes of content that was really not that interesting or helpful? To combat this, subscribe to great content creators and then limit yourself to just watching what they publish. You won’t waste a bunch of time on crap.

Delete apps

I decided a few months ago that I didn’t really need Facebook on my phone. It was a huge time saver. I do check my notifications on Facebook desktop every once in a while. But I actually have to sit down, type in the url and go to the site. A quick tap on my phone was just too easy.

So there’s five ways I’ve found helpful in living a more unplugged life. What are yours?

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